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What is HackYSU?

HackYSU is a hack-a-thon/make-a-thon, an event where students of all majors and experience levels come together to create something - normally a creative technology project like an app or website - over the course of a weekend.

Where and when is HackYSU?

HackYSU 2022 will be held at Youngstown State University in the DeBartolo Stadium Club on .

What do people do at hackathons?

Students will have 36 hours to create anything they want – software, hardware, a business plan, art, a design, anything – in the pursuit of experience, fun, knowledge, and prizes. Projects will be exhibited in a showcase Sunday around noon.

Does it cost anything to participate?

Nope! Not only is HackYSU free, but you'll recieve some complimentary food and swag too.

How do I register?

Use the Registration link at the top of the site!

If you are under 18 or a high school student please email us at contact@ysucomputerclub.com prior to the event to be considered.

Are there prizes?

Yep! There will be cash prizes for the best projects, and potentially other prizes for certain categories thanks to our amazing sponsors. But really, it's not about winning as much as it's about learning, creating, and networking.

Did we mention some of our sponsors are looking for interns?

Do I need to be able to code?

Nope! Not only is HackYSU not a programming-only event (though there will be a lot of it), it is an educational experience. No matter what your experience is, you are welcome here. Everyone is invited to expand their skill set and make something!

We'll have mentors around helping students with their hacks, hardware like Raspberry Pis to borrow and hack on, and a team building session where you can meet some other attendees who you can work with for the weekend!

What are the rules?

Hackers must abide by Major League Hacking's code of conduct and YSU's Code of Conduct.

Also, teams must consist of 5 or less hackers, and all projects must be created at the hackathon to qualify for prizes. Feel free to plan a bit at home, but it wouldn't be fair if you have a head start!

What do I need to participate?

Ideally, you'll have a computer and some hygiene basics, but if you don't have access to a personal computer, let us know! We will have Raspberry Pis available for you to borrow for the duration of the event, and we can look into getting monitors, keyboards, etc.

Have another question?

Email us at contact@ysucomputerclub.com and we'll take care of you.

HackYSU Parking Information

Any company and non-YSU students attending the event should notify parking attendants in the M70 lot who you represent and that you are attending HackYSU. The Computer Club will be covering those costs. Current YSU students with a parking pass can park overnight in the deck or in M70.

The DeBartolo Club room is atop Stambaugh Stadium. To join us up there, cross the street from the M70 lot and walk alongside the stadium until you reach Gate C, facing the street across from McDonald’s. The elevator will be directly inside the door. Use the “P” button to take you to the Stadium Club.

If you have any issues finding your way, do not hesitate to call Sam Hofmann at 330-207-2623 or Dee Spann at 330-794-3765. You may also email us at contact@ysucomputerclub.com, message the Discord, or look for signs and a crowd.

Doors will be locked at night, except Gate C. If you can’t get in, call Sam Hofmann at 330-207-2623 or Dee Spann at 330-794-3765.

map of YSU campus highlighting Stambaugh Stadium and its proximity to the M70 lot

HackYSU ITINERARY April 8-10th


Time Event Location Presenter What You'll Need
5:00pm Doors Open DeBartolo Stadium Club YCC Your computer and an appetite
6:00pm Opening Ceremony DeBartolo Stadium Club YCC & YSU STEM
7:00pm Dinner DeBartolo Stadium Club Chartwell's Pasta
8:00pm Teambuilding and Begin Hacking! President's Suite YCC A project idea or willingness to help someone else
9:00pm Let's make your first website! President's Suite Joe Duncko VS Code, GitHub account, GitHub Desktop, Node.js LTS
10:00pm Computers in Film: How computers are viewed through the decades President's Suite Hayley Shasteen
11:00pm Smash Tournament DeBartolo Stadium Club YCC Your favorite Switch controller
12:00am Midnight Snack - Cookies DeBartolo Stadium Club YCC


Time Event Location Presenter What You'll Need
9:00am Breakfast - Pastries and Coffee DeBartolo Stadium Club YCC
12:00pm Building an API in Python President's Suite Chris Palmer Latest version of Python, your favorite text editor or IDE
1:00pm Lunch DeBartolo Stadium Club Dave's Cosmic Subs
2:00pm Getting started with Microcontrollers President's Suite James Dittrich
3:00pm Let's make an interactive web app with React! President's Suite Joe Duncko
7:00pm Dinner DeBartolo Stadium Club Chipotle
8:00pm Version Control with git and Github President's Suite Adam Nickells GitHub account, GitHub Desktop or git-cli
11:00pm LAN Party DeBartolo Stadium Club YCC Console or PC, controllers, etc.
12:00am Midnight Snack - Cookies DeBartolo Stadium Club YCC


Time Event Location Presenter
9:00am Breakfast - Pastries and Coffee DeBartolo Stadium Club YCC
10:00am Hacking Ends - submit projects and prepare to present DeBartolo Stadium Club YCC
11:00am Presentations & Judging DeBartolo Stadium Club You and your team
12:30pm Lunch DeBartolo Stadium Club Dave's Cosmic Subs
1:00pm Awards & Closing Ceremony DeBartolo Stadium Club YCC & YSU STEM




If you are interested in joining us as a Sponsor, contact us for more information!


Any questions that weren't answered in the FAQ's? Send us an email at contact@ysucomputerclub.com and we'll get back to you soon!